My name is Kristie Tancevski, and welcome to my website!

This site aims to present the research surrounding the future of sporting games and their relationship with physical sports. It began as a major project for a class I took at University of Wollongong, called Future Cultures. We were given task of creating a digital artefact, any kind of digital and public project we wanted, on whatever topic we wanted. The only catch: it had to address how something would change in the future.

I got the idea for this project when watching my boyfriend playing FIFA 19. I don’t personally play sporting games, but I do play sports, and I found myself wondering what the relationship between the two was, and how it would change in the future. Here we are now, a website with a series of short essays.

If you’re interested in how this project was developed, or aren’t familiar with the key terms or concepts, check out the Context tab for more information.

Under the Short Essay’s tab, you’ll find three small essay’s examining a variety aspects of the relationship between sports and their electronic adaptions. These are;  their financial relationship, electronic games as a training technique, future platforms and gaming methods. 

If you have any feedback, or are interested in discussing any of the content in this website, you can find my twitter and email on the right hand side. There is also a contact form under the Contact tab.

Hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to follow or get in touch!